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Yeezle is an intriguing guessing game that puts your knowledge of Kanye's music to the test. Players will embark on a musical journey to identify a mystery song from any of Kanye's 12 studio albums. Yeezle features a wide variety of Kanye West songs, from his early albums “The College Dropout” to his most recent releases “Jesus is King”. Can you guess correctly?

About Yeezle

Armed with our knowledge of Kanye's discography, players analyze each clue to narrow down the possibilities. Each clue brings us closer to unraveling the enigma, as we decipher hints through album details, track length, and featured artists.

Cracking the Code

  • Green cells indicate a complete match. These precious hints guide us towards songs that share identical attributes in all columns, giving us a strong starting point.
  • Yellow cells suggest that the attribute is within 2 (albums or tracks) of the mystery song. An arrow pointing upwards (↑) indicates a higher value, while a downwards arrow (↓) suggests a lower value.
  • Similarly, in the track length column, a yellow cell implies that the song length is within 30 seconds of the mystery song. Again, an upward arrow (↑) indicates a longer duration, while a downward arrow (↓) suggests a shorter duration.
  • With each guess, we eliminate potential songs that do not align with the given clues. The culmination of our efforts leads us to a single song that perfectly fits all the provided criteria.


With over 100 songs to guess from, Yeezle offers hours of fun for fans of all ages. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting into his music, Yeezle is the perfect way to test your knowledge and have fun at the same time. So put on your detective hat, dive into his albums, and embark on your own quest to uncover the mystery song that lies within Kanye's musical archives.


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