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Football Grid

Football Grid Game involves searching for a player that meets the criteria for the respective row and column. Challenge your football knowledge and guess who comes out on top! 

How to play Football Grid?

It's not as simple as just guessing. However, here's how it works:

  • The statistics and awards for a particular season must be from a season in which the player actually played for that team.
  • Career statistics include only the statistics accumulated while playing for that team.
  • Career awards (such as HOF) include players who played at least 1 game for that team.
  • After solving a puzzle, hover over or click on each box to see the most recent players that fit the criteria.
  • Every day, a new 3-by-3 grid is revealed. Across the top and the side, three teams and/or accomplishments are listed.
  • There is a new grid every day at 5 AM EST.

Can't guess the football player?

In fact, the range of playing standards makes them difficult to predict football players. Don’t forget the following tips to win this game!

  • The first and most important thing is to always keep updated with tournament and football player information. knowledge is power! Don’t forget to take the time to research previous winners and their achievements. These players will bring you high rarity points!
  • You should also diversify your selection by choosing players from different teams and positions.
  • Please comment below about your experience so we can help you if you need it. What do you think if we could create a group for crazy fans of the Futbol Grid game? ;)

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