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Immaculate Grid NFL

Immaculate Grid NFL is a football trivia game for fans of NFL enthusiasts to put their NFL knowledge to the test. The main goal of the game is to guess football players based on specific criteria.


How to play NFL Immaculate Gridiron

  • NFL stands for National Football League. And this game is all about that.
  • The game features a 3x3 grid and 6 criteria placed on top and the left side of the grid.
  • Players must guess the player that satisfies both criteria on the X and Y axis and fill up all squares.
  • To play, just click to select a square and then enter the name of a football player that matches the rows as well as the column for the cell.
  • The players can be active or inactive and cannot be entered twice.
  • You only have 9 guesses to finish the cell.



  • In case the two criteria are about a team and an award, you must find a player who has won the award while signed to that team.
  • A player must have played a team at the NFL level in at least one game to become valid for a team.
  • Fans of the National Football League can still have fun during the offseason with NFL Immaculate Grid.

 Remember to have fun while playing and don't forget to share your experiences with us in the comments below. We can't wait to hear about all those epic goals you score.  Enjoy the game!

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