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Futbol Grid

Are you passionate about football? On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you in your football knowledge? Don't hesitate to put it to the test with Futbol Grid, a challenging and entertaining game. This innovative game presents a dynamic 3x3 grid where you'll explore different categories and player criteria to embark on an exciting guessing adventure.

Futbol Grid Gameplay:

Playing Futbol Grid is so easy. First, start the game by clicking the "FUTBOL 11" icon just above the grid and selecting the type of game you want to play.

  • Nine Boxes, Nine Answers: The objective is to complete the 3-by-3 grid by correctly entering the names of players who meet the criteria mentioned on both the top and side of the grid.
  • Player Precision: Each player's name corresponds to a specific criterion within the provided categories. The game continues until you successfully fill all 9 boxes on the grid, featuring both active and former players.
  • Time Management: You now have the option to choose between no timer, a 90-second timer, or a 60-second timer. Each day, the list of countries and clubs changes, and your progress is automatically saved on your device.
  • Category Variety: Basketball Grid offers a wide range of categories encompassing the football landscape, including teams, achievements, coaches, and more. To enhance gameplay, you can even add more teams to customize your experience before starting the game.

Tips to play Futbol Grid:

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your Futbol Grid experience:

  • Utilize Your Knowledge: The game becomes much more enjoyable when you rely on your own football knowledge. However, if needed, there are resources available to assist you.
  • Resource Recommendation: If you prefer using external resources, Pro Football Reference provides a tool that can compare any two franchises for your convenience.
  • Extensive Award Section: Pro Football Reference also features a comprehensive award section, making it a valuable resource for further information.
  • Consider Coaches: Coaches often bring players they know from one franchise to the next, so thinking about connections between teams through coaches can be a great strategy during the game.

Embark on an exciting journey with Futbol Grid, where your football knowledge will be put to the ultimate test!!!

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