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Immaculate Grid Soccer

Immaculate Grid Soccer or Immaculate Footy is the soccer version of the popular trivia game Immaculate Grid. 

How to play Immaculate Grid Soccer

  • The game format is similar to the NBA, MLB, and NFL editions. It's played on a 3x3 grid.
  • The objective of the game is to find nine soccer players in a 3x3 grid within nine guesses. The player must meet the criteria on both the top and the left side of the grid.
  • The criteria can be about countries, teams, stats, and more. And players must have a wide knowledge of the players to win the game. For example, if across the top is Argentina and on the left side is Arsenal FC, then, you can enter Emiliano Martinez.
  • In this game, a square can have multiple answers. And a player cannot be repeated more than once.
  • You win the game when you filled up the grid with correct answers within 9 guesses.
  • It's really challenging for even soccer enthusiasts because you can't win the game if you have just a single incorrect guess.
  • The game brings a new dimension to the soccer world while testing your soccer knowledge.


So why not introduce your friends to the Immaculate Grid Game? With its structured progression system offering diverse challenges, it promises an immersive gaming experience full of excitement and camaraderie for you all to enjoy!

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