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PGA Grid

PGA Grid is a golf trivia game inspired by the MLB Immaculate Grid game. The goal is to guess golf players that satisfy different categories in a 3x3 grid.

How to play PGA Grid

Golf fans are flocking to PGA grid game to test their knowledge of golf. The game rules are similar to Immaculate Grid NBA, NFL, and MLB.

  • The game is set in a 3x3 cell. Players must guess all players in the grid in nine guesses. The players must satisfy both categories in the row and the column.
  • In the row, there can be names of the clubs or personal records. Likewise, you can see the name of the club or personal records in the column.
  • And your guess must meet the two categories.
  • Like other games of sports grids, players cannot be repeated. This is hard because you need to have insight into different players.
  • Players can be both active and inactive.

The game is not easy at all because you need to have surface knowledge about golf to solve the puzzle.

What do people think about PGA Grid?

It can be said that PGA Grid will be a perfect indoor game for golf fans to have fun with family and friends while waiting for the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) championship. Let's explore this game now and we will not regret the time spent participating in this interesting game!

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