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Hoop Grids

Hoop Grids is a game that has taken the sports world by storm. It's a combination of NBA and trivia.

How to play Hoop Grids

  • The game sets on a 3x3 grid. At the top as well as on the left side of the grid, you can see different criteria. Your goal is to complete the grid with players that match the criteria for both cell's row and column.
  • Just tap on the box you want and enter your guess. There is no limit to the number of guesses.
  • However, a player cannot be used twice. And in case you have submitted a player on a box, you can click that box again and resubmit a different one if you change your mind.
  • However, once the grid has been filled completely, you can't resubmit any players.
  • The criteria may vary from team, coach, teammate, season stats, and records, to accolades.
  • The Rarity Score at the top left is the summary of each percentage from every player you've submitted.
  • The game requires players to have a superior knowledge of NBA.

Game Tips

  • The first strategy is to review both the columns as well as rows first to get an overview of the game.
  • The next tip to win the game is to enhance your league's history along with players and as well as team.

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