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Connections Game

Connections Game is a word game where players have to find common threads between words and form 4 groups of 4 words without making 4 mistakes.

How to play Connections game

  • In this game, there are 16 words placed in different boxes. Your goal is to find groups of four words that share something in common.
  • To do that, simply tap to select four words.
  • Next, tap Submit in order to check if your guess is correct.
  • You can only make 4 mistakes.
  • After you submit your guess, if your selection is right, those words will be put in their respective group. And if your guess is wrong, you can tap on a word to reselect it or click on the Deselect button and choose another word.
  • So the ultimate goal is to sort sixteen words into four groups.
  • You will lose the game if you make four mistakes. And in this case, the answer will be revealed showing you the right groups of words and the reason why they are put in the same group.
  • Every day, there is a new puzzle. And each puzzle has only one solution.

Game Tips

  • The first step in the game is to read and understand the words in the game. Don't hurry. Read these words carefully and take your time to think about their meaning.
  • Next, look for a common theme. Find the common thing that connects four words together. For example, it can be meaning similarity, pronunciation, topics, categories, or ideas. You should ask yourself if these words belong to the same group and why.
  • There is one puzzle a day to test your skills. Connections Game is an excellent word game to test your logic skills and vocabulary.

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