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Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? is a game that follows the format of Wordle to challenge you to guess the identity of football players. Each day, you have eight attempts to uncover the mystery football player's name while starting with a highly pixelated and distorted photo. So, give it your best shot!


How to Play Who Are Ya?

  • You are given eight chances to guess the identity of a football player from the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, or Ligue 1.
  • Your hints come from comparing five attributes with the correct answer: their nationality, the league they play in, the club they represent, their position on the field, and their age. A green box indicates a correct attribute, while grey means you need to guess again. From there, try to deduce the answer by guessing other players on the same team or in the same position, using any clues available. For example, if you selected Jorginho and the circles for his league and position turned green, but the others remained grey, you would know you are looking for a Premier League midfielder who is not Italian, does not play for Chelsea, and is not close to turning 30.
  • The photo also becomes clearer with each guess. If you input a player's name, it will only be considered correct if the player is signed to a club but hasn't played any league matches for that club yet. Such players won't appear in the game's search tool. Therefore, footballers who have played for a club but only in non-league games won't be included in this game.
  • A new Big 5 footballer is available to guess every day at midnight. If you miss a day, don't worry. You can play previous Big 5 quiz games by pressing the calendar icon with the left arrow. However, these games won't count towards your stats.


Game Modes

  • Player Photo: Choosing this option will show you a blurred image of the player at the beginning. After each guess, the image becomes slightly clearer to help you identify the player.
  • Hide Photo: For a more challenging experience, select this option. Without the visual clue, you must rely solely on the feedback provided for your guesses.

Feel free to share your high scores online to show off to your friends. When the season ends, will you have the longest winning streak?

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