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NHL Wordle

NHL Wordle gives you eight opportunities to pick the proper NHL player in our daily Wordle game. Step right up on the rink and show the world what you know about the National Hockey League! 

How to Play NHL Wordle

Each guess will tell you how close you are to finding the mystery player. Green boxes indicate a match, yellow signifies a close match, and grey means it's not a match.

If the team cell is yellow, it means the mystery player used to play for the guessed player's team. For age and jersey number, there will be an arrow showing you if the number is higher or lower than your guessed player's.

Who's in the Game?

Only active NHL players are possible matches, so make sure your guesses are up-to-date!

New Mystery Player Every Day

A new mystery player is waiting to be revealed every day, so get ready to lace up your skates and take on the challenge!

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