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NFL Immaculate Grid Unlimited

NFL Immaculate Grid Game is a soccer-themed word game that has gained immense popularity in the gaming world. It offers endless fun and is a perfect choice for both soccer enthusiasts and word game lovers. Dive into the strategic gameplay and put your soccer knowledge to the test as as you embark on this innovative and exciting journey.


Main Features of NFL Grid

  • In the game, players are presented with a grid where each cell corresponds to a specific criterion based on an NFL team, player, statistic, or college. The objective is to guess the correct NFL player in each cell by combining row and column criteria. Players must follow certain rules such as: For example, a selected player must have played in his corresponding team's NFL regular season game at least once, and a player cannot be used twice.
  • Each player can only be used once.
  • This game provides endless fun as new grids are generated every day and the player makes 9 guesses to complete each grid. Every guess counts, whether right or wrong.
  • You can choose active or inactive NFL players.
  • A new grid is available every day at 5 AM EST. 


Rules of NFL Grid

NFL Immaculate Grid offers an exciting way to test your football knowledge while enjoying a challenging and fun gaming experience. To win this game you need to understand some important rules:

  • Rule 1: Selected players must have played at least one NFL regular season game for the corresponding team.
  • Rule 2: If a cell connects to a team and an award, the award should have been won post-1999, but not necessarily while on that team.
  • Rule 3:If a cell is associated with a team and season stat, the selected player must have achieved that stat since 1999, regardless of the team at the time.
  • Rule 4: If you select a player for a cell with a stat, they must have achieved that stat after 1999.
  • Rule 5: For college-related cells, the player must be drafted from there. If they transferred, the final college counts.
  • Rule 6: If a cell links to a college and a season stat, the player should have graduated from that college and achieved the stat in the NFL, not in college.

We hope you have a fun experience with NFL Immaculate Grid Unlimited!!


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