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Dangle Game

Dangle Game is a fun and exciting word guessing game that requires a deep understanding of hockey players. It's a perfect way for hockey fans to test and challenge their knowledge in a thrilling way.


How to play Dangle Game

  • Use your knowledge of NHL players and their physical characteristics to guess the identity of the player in the silhouette.
  • You can enter your guess in the text box provided and click the Guess button.
  • In this game, you have 8 chances to name a current NHL player, and the game offers suggestions on teams, positions, conferences, divisions, ages, jersey numbers, and more with each guess.
  • The green color in each column indicates a match, while the yellow box in the age column means the player is within two years of the mystery NHL player. The yellow box in the number column means the player's shirt number is within five numbers. Yellow boxes show that player has played at least once for that team. If there is no color, then it means the mystery player has no similarities or matches.
  • If you get stuck, you can use the silhouette feature.
  • You can also check back every day to find a new player.


Tips to play Dangle Game

  • Check the Silhouette: Always check if the silhouette looks familiar to the player.
  • Refine: If you're still not sure after checking out the silhouettes, enter any name. This is useful even if there is no match.
  • Cover all your bases: Be careful not to reuse unhighlighted details or name players with wrong guesses and different details.



Dangle Game is a fun puzzle game that adds a unique twist to the classic Hangman game. It's a simple yet enjoyable game that is definitely worth trying out, whether you're a fan of NHL or just looking for a fun pastime.

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