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Swingle is an amazing game that transports you to a universe where each group consists of five boxes. Representing the player's family or team, straight from the electrifying MLB opening day lineups since 2015. Get ready to blast off with Swingle!

About Swingle

  • Compelling gameplay: Click on a tile to select it, then swap it with another tile to reveal the correct formation. Successfully align 3 tiles to see them glow a brilliant pale yellow and 4 tiles to enhance to a darker color.
  • Challenge your skills: With 6 teams to explore, one team will interfere with all the others, which adds complexity to the game.
  • Race against time: Complete the board within 30 moves and show off your score to the world!

Tips and Tricks

  • Strategic Selection: Carefully think about the possible swaps before hitting on a tile to increase the chances of getting the tiles in the right place.
  • Visual Patterns: To find likely matches faster, look for patterns in the tiles that you can see.
  • Pay attention to Teams That Overlap: Find and place tiles that belong to the team that overlaps with all the others first.
  • Effective Moves: You can only make 30 moves, so plan your swaps carefully to give yourself the best chance of finishing the board in the time allowed.
  • Memory Aid: If you can, try to remember specific opening-day lines to make the matching process go faster.
  • It's said that practice makes perfect: If you play the game often, you'll learn more about MLB teams and players, which will help you do better in Swingle.

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