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Sumplete is a captivating and challenging logic-based number game that takes inspiration from popular puzzles like Sudoku, Kakuro, and Hitori. However, it adds a unique twist to the gameplay, making it a fresh and exciting experience. Get ready to exercise your brain and embark on a thrilling journey of numbers and logic!

How to play Sumplete

  • Every row and column comes with a special "sum clue" that reveals the total sum of the numbers within.  For instance, if the sum clue for a row is 21, you'll need to add up the numbers in that row until they equal 21. 
  • Our objective is to uncover which numbers to keep and which to delete to match the sum clues.  By identifying the correct numbers to delete or keep, you'll be one step closer to completing the puzzle.
  • In Sumplete, you can mark a cell as deleted by clicking or tapping on it once, and an X will appear. If you're confident about a number and want to keep it, click or tap again to reveal a green circle. And if you change your mind, one more click or tap will reset it back to its "unknown" state. 

Conclusion: Tracking Sums and Unleashing Victory

Remember it's crucial to stay vigilant and track the sums of each row and column as you progress to ensure you're making the right moves. When you successfully remove the correct numbers, the sum total on the right/bottom of the grid will light up, indicating your progress. Keep going until all the numbers on the right and bottom are lit up, and victory will be yours. So, stay focused, keep solving, and aim for that ultimate win in Sumplete!

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