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Explore the exciting world of Pokedoku, where the challenge of Sudoku meets the captivating realm of Pokemon. The game ensures to satisfy all your puzzle-solving cravings! Get ready to flex those mental muscles and dive into Pokedoku.

About Pokedoku

In Pokedoku, your mission is to fill in all 9 boxes with the correct Pokemon. It's like catching 'em all, but with a twist! You have to do it with only 9 guesses, so choose wisely! There's no room for error in this puzzling journey.

Picking your Pokemon

To win at Pokedoku, you need to plan ahead. There are more possibilities for right answers for each box, which makes it even more exciting. You can use the fiery power of Blaziken or the fierce fighting moves of Infernape if a box goes between the Fire and Fighting types. Trainee, you make the choice!

Pikachu, keep it in!

You can't change your mind after making your choice. You can't change your answer or use the same Pokemon again after using it. So be sure you're sure about your choices before you send them in.

The Power of the Special Columns

Adding a little extra magic to Pokedoku is its unique columns. The first two sections and three rows are always for Pokemon types. But the really exciting part is in the third column! It has different areas, legends, and other things. You can use Pokemon with two types when the special column lines up with a type, as long as one of them matches the type in the right row.

A New Puzzle Every Day!

Not all 9 right? Don't worry! A new grid is added to Pokedoku every day at midnight EST, so the fun never gets old. Don't put away your training hat just yet. Tomorrow will bring new problems to solve and chances to show what you can do.

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