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Poeltl is a fun and challenging game that requires you to fully understand the different basketball players in the league. For fans of basketball, it's a great way to test and challenge your knowledge in a fun and exciting way.  


How to play Poeltl

  • The game shows silhouettes of basketball players. Use your knowledge of basketball players and their physical characteristics to try to guess the identity of the player in the silhouette.
  • Enter your guess in the text box provided and click the Guess button. Poeltl NBA Wordle has the following sections to help you identify players: Team, Conference, Division, Position, Height, Age, Number.
  • Green color in each column indicates a match. Yellow in the team column indicates a mystery player who once played for that team but no longer plays for that team. Yellow in the position column indicates a partial match to the mystery player's position. Yellow in the other columns indicates that this attribute is from the mystery player within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of him.
  • You will be given 8 guesses. Try out a current NBA player!
  • If you get stuck, try turning on Silhouette mode.
  • New mystery players added every day!


Tips to play Poeltl

  • Check the Silhouette: Always check if the silhouette looks familiar to the player.
  • Refine: If you’re still not sure after checking out the silhouettes. Enter any name. This is useful even if there is no match. If you play this game, there's a 99% chance you know this. If not, here are some basics to narrow down your mystery players.
  • Cover all your bases: Be careful not to reuse unhighlighted details or name players with wrong guesses and different details.


In conclusion, Poeltl Wordle is a simple but fun game that puts a unique twist on the classic Hangman game. Whether you're an NBA fan or just looking for a fun puzzle game, Poeltl Wordle is definitely worth checking out.

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