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Olivia Rodrigo Heardle

Olivia Rodrigo Heardle is a game that celebrates the music of Olivia Rodrigo and challenges players to test their knowledge of her songs. For players of all ages, the game is meant to be both captivating and exciting, offering hours of enjoyment.

About Olivia Rodrigo Heardle 

The rules of the game are simple: listen to the intro of one of Olivia's songs and try to guess the correct song title from the list provided. But beware, if you skip or get the answer wrong, more of the intro will be revealed, making it easier for you to guess the song. So, try to answer in as few tries as possible to get a high score.

Test Your Knowledge

Of course, you may be asking yourself, why play this game? Well, it's a terrific chance to test your knowledge of Olivia's music in addition to being a pleasant way to kill time. In addition, you may show your friends who know Olivia's songs the best by sharing your score with them.


Olivia Rodrigo Heardle includes a wide range of her songs, from her breakout hit "drivers license" to tracks from her debut album "SOUR." By playing the game, fans can deepen their appreciation for Olivia's music and discover new favorites along the way.

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