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Numberle is a popular game that combines equations and mathematical expressions to create an engaging and challenging puzzle experience. This math-based word game is designed to test your puzzle-solving abilities while also enhancing your math skills. If you're a fan of word games and enjoy unraveling mysteries, Numberle is a fantastic addition to your gaming collection.

How to Play Numberle

In Numberle, the objective is to guess one mathematical equation each day. The equation consists of a combination of 8 numbers and symbols, and the player must attempt to guess the equation within six tries. The equation is formed by 8 tiles, and the sum of the tiles adds up to a complete mathematical expression. As the player makes attempts, the color of the tiles changes to indicate how close their guess is to being correct.

Game Rules

  • Green Tile: If the number guessed is correct and in the right position in the equation, the tile will turn green.
  • Purple Tile: If the number is correct but placed on the wrong tile, the tile will turn purple.
  • Gray Tile: If the guessed number is not in the equation, the tile will turn gray.

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