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NHL Grid

NHL Grid is an addictive quiz game that allows you to test your knowledge of NHL players and their achievements. It has a unique grid-based puzzle format that adds an extra layer of challenge to the game. The game requires strategic thinking as you try to combine players that meet certain criteria. Share the game with others for even more fun.

NHL Grid Overview 

The rules arre really straightforward

  • Tap on a square to guess a player who meets both criteria.
  • The player only needs to have met the criteria at some point in their career. For instance, if the criteria are TOR and a 50+ goal season, the player must have played for TOR and had a 50+ goal season, but it is not necessary for them to have achieved a 50+ goal season specifically for TOR.
  • A player is considered part of a team if they have played at least one game for that team throughout its entire franchise history. Therefore, a player who played one game for the Atlanta Thrashers counts for the Winnipeg Jets.
  • Each player can only be used once on the board, but if you make an incorrect guess, you can try guessing that player again.
  • The board consists of nine squares, and you have a total of nine guesses. Therefore, it's important to make each guess count.

Tips and tricks:

  • Rarity scoreTo achieve a perfect Rarity score of 900, you need to select nine players who have not been chosen by anyone else. Make sure each player is unique and not selected by any other participant.
  • Enhance Your Hockey Knowledge: The game becomes even more delightful when you leverage your own understanding of hockey. Nevertheless, if necessary, there are resources accessible to aid you.
  • Suggested Resource: If you prefer utilizing external sources, Pro Hockey Reference offers a convenient tool that allows you to compare any two franchises.
  • Extensive Awards Section: Additionally, Pro Hockey Reference includes a comprehensive section dedicated to awards, making it an invaluable resource for obtaining further information.

So don’t hesitate to put your hockey knowledge to the test and try to fill out Immaculate Grid everyday!

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