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NFL Immaculate Gridiron

NFL Immaculate Gridiron is a game that will put your knowledge of the NFL to the test. In this game, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by selecting players for each cell of the grid based on specific criteria. NFL Immaculate Gridiron is your ticket to becoming a true football guru. Don't miss out on the excitement – start playing today!

How to play NFL Immaculate Gridiron

  • Grid Selection: Start by selecting a player for each cell that matches the criteria for that cell's row and column. The grid consists of various categories, including teams, awards, season stats, and colleges.
  • Team Validity: To be considered valid for a team, a player must have suited up for at least one NFL regular season game for that team. This ensures that you choose players who have a genuine connection to the team.
  • Award Criteria: If a cell represents a team and an award, the award must have been won after 1999. However, the player doesn't necessarily have to be on the team when winning the award. This adds an extra layer of challenge to your selections.
  • Season Stat Criteria: Similarly, if a cell represents a team and a season stat, the player you select must have recorded that stat after 1999. Again, the player doesn't have to be on the team when recording the stat, making your choices more strategic.
  • Stat Accumulation: When selecting a player for a cell with a stat, ensure that the player has accumulated that particular stat in a completed season or game from 1999 onwards. This rule ensures that you consider recent performances when making your picks.
  • College Connection: If a cell represents a college and a season stat, the player you select must have been drafted from that college and accumulated the stat in the NFL, not during their college career. This adds an interesting twist as you consider both college and professional achievements.
  • No Repeated Players: Remember, you cannot use the same player twice throughout the grid. This rule encourages you to explore different players and diversify your selections.
  • Limited Guesses: You have a total of 9 guesses to fill out the entire grid. Each guess, whether correct or incorrect, counts as one guess. So make each selection wisely and strategically.
  • Active or Inactive Players: You can choose from both active and inactive NFL players when filling out the grid. This allows you to include legendary players from the past as well as current stars in your lineup.
  • Daily Challenge: Excitingly, there is a new grid available every day at 5 AM EST. This means that you can continuously test your knowledge and skills by participating in fresh challenges regularly.


NFL Immaculate Gridiron is a chance to learn a great deal about the statistics and history of the NFL in addition to being a game. It's an opportunity to enjoy yourself with football enthusiasts and demonstrate your expertise. So gather your football knowledge and hone your analytical abilities in NFL Immaculate Gridiron!

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