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MLB Pickle

MLB Pickle is Wordle about Major League Baseball. The main goal of the game is to guess the mystery MLB player within 9 guesses.

How to play MLB Pickle

It's time to have fun with another great game for MLB fans. In MLB Pickle, you have to guess a mystery MLB player.

  • To play, just enter a MLB player.
  • If you can't remember exactly the name, you can type some characters you remember and you will see a list of options to choose from. Just click to select your desired guess.
  • Otherwise, on the first try, you can select Pick for me and the game system will randomly pick a player.
  • After each guess, you will receive different hints about the target player.
  • The hints are about Team, Lg/Div, Age, and Position together with different colors to indicate that it's right or wrong. Green indicates a match Lg/Div: Yellow means that the player you guessed plays in either the revealed League or Division Age: Yellow means that the age of the player you guessed is 2 years within the mystery player's actual age. Position: Yellow means that the mystery player can play in the position as the player you guessed but it's not his primary position. Black means that the criteria is not even close to the target answer.
  • You have 9 guesses to solve the MLB Pickle.
  • Every day you will have to guess a new player.

Some messages for you cool

  • Enjoy testing your baseball knowledge with MLB Pickle and remember to invite your friends and family to join in on the fun! Let's also create a fan group together, my dear friends!!!

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