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Minecraftle is a playground to test your crafting skills in Minecraft. Your challenge is to craft a secret item using ingredients in your inventory. Think you have what it takes to win with just 10 guesses? Test your skills and find out!

Goals in Minecraftle

Your goal is to craft a secret item using ingredients in your inventory. Let your intelligence and creativity be challenged

The art of guessing

In this game, you have a limited number of tries to guess the secret item. With only 10 guesses, you must strategize and carefully choose your ingredients.

Mesh decoding

Each guess will give you valuable feedback, helping you get closer to unraveling the mystery. Feedback from the grid will guide you on your mission.

  • If the square remains gray after placing an ingredient, it means that particular ingredient is not in the recipe. This clue will help you eliminate your options and narrow down your options.
  • The orange square represents an element that needs to be somewhere else on the grid than where you placed it. This clue will help you reposition your ingredients and realign your strategy.
  • Green squares indicate that the component is not only correct but also in the correct location. Celebrate these winning moments as they bring you closer to victory.

Take on the challenge

Immerse yourself in a world of crafting and exploration. There's no better time than now to test your true knowledge of Minecraft. Minecraftle is waiting for you!


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