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Immaculate Grid NHL

Immaculate Grid Hockey (NHL Immaculate Grid) is a trivia game to test your hockey knowledge during the off-season. The game features a unique puzzle every day and requires players to fill in the boxes with the right hockey players.

How to play Immaculate Grid Hockey

This game is a perfect taste for NHL (National Hockey League) enthusiasts to challenge their knowledge.

  • Every day, you must solve a unique puzzle. As you enter the game, you can see a 3x3 grid. At the top and on the left side of the grid features different criteria which can be the team or stats.
  • Now after taking a look at the criteria and the grid, you have to select a box and fill in the player that matches both criteria horizontally and vertically. For example, if it's Pittsburgh Penguins on the top and Washington Capitals on the left, Then you can enter Eric Fehr. He has played 419 regular-season games for the Caps as well as 107 games for the Penguins. And that's a correct answer. Other possible answers are Jaromir Jagr, Connor Sheary, and Matt Cooke. So there can be different answers for a box.
  • However, one thing that you need to remember is that a player cannot be used twice. In other words, you need to fill in all of the boxes with different answers.

A Message to Hockey Enthusiasts kiss

  • This is a fun and challenging game designed for hockey enthusiasts! We would love to hear about your experience playing this game! Share your thoughts, strategies, and high scores in the comment section below.

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