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Welcome to Gordle, the ultimate hockey player guessing game that is sure to bring you joy! The objective of Gordle is to identify the letter that matches the last names of hockey players. How do you feel about it? Do you want to take on the challenge? Prepare yourself for the the wonders of Gordle! 


About Gordle

  • Gordle gives you five to six chances to guess the player's last name so be careful with every single guess
  • Each guess must be the last name of an NHL player past or present. Hit the enter button to submit.
  • The box will turn green if you put the right letter in it. The box will turn yellow if you put the wrong letter in it. If the box turns gray, you made a wrong guess.
  • Guesses that don't match the length of the target name can be moved left or right: Longer names can go "off the board". Only letters that remain on the gameboard will reveal hints about the hidden name. Shorter names can be similarly shifted. Names have no punctuation, e.g: St. Louis becomes STLOUIS
  • A new GORDLE will be available each day!


Tips and tricks

  • Stay updated and informed because knowledge is power!
  • Take the time to study past award winners and their performances.
  • Diversify your selections by choosing players from different teams and positions.

In conclusion, Gordle is a great choice for hockey fans who also enjoy a good word puzzle game. It has a wide range of puzzles that can be played over and over again. So, are you all ready to start the game?

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