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Fumble NFL

Welcome to Fumble NFL – a playground designed specifically for NFL enthusiasts. Enter the world of American football and embark on a journey to uncover the true identity of a mysterious NFL player. Your goal is to solve a series of clues related to individual and team information and test your knowledge and passion for the sport.

About Fumble NFL

Free Online Game: Fumble NFL Wordle online game is available. The player does not need to download or install anything. 

Reduce the number of guesses: The goal is to identify NFL players with the least number of guesses possible. There is no limit to the number of games played per day, so you can make as many predictions as you like.

Hint System: The color of the box representing the player's information changes with each guess, giving the player feedback on how close their guess is to the correct answer. 

  • Green box: Indicates a match and indicates that the prediction for that particular column is correct.
  • Yellow box: The appropriate division is indicated in the division column, but the division is incorrect.

Column information: To correctly identify an NFL player, the player must correctly solve each column. Columns include:

  • Player: Name of unknown NFL player.
  • Team conference: The conference the player's team participates in is called the team conference.
  • Division: The conference division in which the player's team competes.
  • Position: A player's position on the team.
  • Height: The player's measurement in feet and inches.
  • Weight: The player's weight, expressed in pounds.
  • Age: Player's age in years.
  • Number: The player's shirt number, in numbers.

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