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Flagle is a fun and educational way to improve your geography, where the player has to guess the flag of a random country and you have 6 guesses to do it. With 6 attempts, you can unlock parts of the hidden flag if you fail. Additionally, you will receive geo-suggestions to help you locate the target country. Can you successfully guess the flag within 6 tries?

What makes Flagle interesting?

The game's simplicity is its most intriguing aspect, as it piques curiosity and tests the player's knowledge. 

  • To begin, enter your first guess randomly in the answer box. Afterward, we will provide a hint on the direction and distance from the selected country to the target country to aid you in making a second prediction. 
  • The number of kilometers will indicate how far away the target country is, and the arrow will point in the direction of the country with the hidden flag.
  • You have six attempts to guess the correct country, and each failed attempt will reveal a new part of the flag until the entire flag is displayed.

Flagle facts

Flagle is a precious game that opens up a world of knowledge and discovery through flags. Start your journey with Flagle today and begin an exciting adventure through the world of flags!


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