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Flaggle is a thrilling game where players have to guess a country or territory's flag within as few tries as possible. After each guess, you will be shown a similarity flag that displays which portion of your guess shares the same color as the answer. To make guessing more feasible and enjoyable, the palette has been reduced to 10 common colors, adding an element of fun and challenge to the game.

Colorful Guessing Adventure in Flaggle

The list of flags is taken from a comprehensive collection of countries and territories, with UK constituent countries added for an extra twist. In each round, you'll have the chance to test your flag-recognition skills and uncover the vibrant colors of the world.

Example Guess and Result

In this example, the guessed flag is Vietnam's. Judging by the result (middle), the answer is red on the top half and also has a yellow star in the middle, albeit a smaller one. The answer is Burkina Faso, showcasing the colorful and diverse world of flags waiting to be discovered.

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