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Duotrigordle is a word puzzle game that promises to test your vocabulary skills like never before. With the challenge of guessing 32 words using no more than 37 attempts, Duotrigordle is the perfect game for those who love a good brain teaser. 

How to play Duotrigordle?

  • Use the on-screen keyboard to type in the first letter, and remember, this letter will be used for all words at the same time. 
  • Type in a valid 5-letter word and hit the "Enter" button to start the clock. Be sure to find the word as quickly as possible.
  • Unlock the secrets of the game with colored hints. Green tiles mean you've got the right letters in the right places. Yellow tiles indicate correct letters, but in the wrong positions. Gray tiles mean those letters aren't part of the word. Use these clues to advance and conquer the game!
  • Explore four different boards and uncover 32 hidden words. Scroll down to reveal them all and put your skills to the test.
  • Showcase your talent and challenge your friends to beat your score! This game is the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test and see how you stack up against others.


Duotrigordle is an intriguing and captivating game that sparks curiosity. Duotrigordle offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more. Whatever the interpretation, Duotrigordle adds an element of mystery and charm to the world of words. So, get playing and show off your word-solving abilities in Duotrigordle!

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