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Basketball Stars Unblocked

Basketball Stars Unblocked is the ultimate basketball game that puts you in the role of legendary players like Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Derrick Williams. This game is a thrilling sequel to the hit Basketball Legends game. Whether you're a solo player or want to team up with friends, Basketball Stars offers an action-packed experience that lets you showcase your skills on the virtual court.

How to play Basketball Stars Unblocked

  • Single or double-action: In Basketball Stars, you have the option to play alone or team up with a friend for some intense b-ball action. Join quick matches or participate in tournaments to prove your worth as a top NBA player. With cooperative play and head-to-head matches, the game offers a variety of ways to show off your basketball prowess.
  • Control plan: The control scheme is simple and intuitive, allowing you to move easily and perform key actions to dominate the game. Use WASD keys to move, B to shoot or perform actions, S to pump and V to super shoot. Additionally, performing a double D dash will keep your opponent guessing and give you the upper hand on the field.
  • Professional level ring: Stay true to the sport with three-pointers, layups, and epic dunks that will earn you impressive points. Keep your opponents alert by dashing around and performing epic jumps. Each player in Basketball Stars has a unique ability, such as huge dunks, defense, and fast breaks, so choose your pair wisely to take home the trophy.

Tips and tricks: Dominate the competition

  • Master your moves: Practice makes perfect. Spend time honing your skills in solo matches before taking on tougher opponents in tournaments.
  • Team Synergy: When playing with a friend, coordinate your moves and abilities to defeat your opponents and win.
  • Precise shooting: Focus on your aim and timing to consistently score three points and make impressive dunks.

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