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Actorle is a wonderful game for film and television aficionados. Actorle presents a fresh challenge: identify the actor—every day. And what about the finest part? Do not fret if you fail to complete a day's work; you may make up the days you were absent at your convenience.

The Art of Actorle Game

  • First things first: look at the movie list and see if you can identify the actor in every one of them.
  • If you were right, we'll give you the whole name of the film they were in.
  • You may see the actor's age becoming smaller as you guess more and more. In cases where the actual age is identical to your prediction, the background will be green; in cases where the discrepancy is between 10 and 20 years, the background will be yellow; and in cases where the discrepancy is more than 20 years, the background will be red.
  • Making more educated predictions about the age of the daily actor increases the game's difficulty and intrigue.

Discuss Your Findings

Post your results (or lack thereof) on Twitter or tell your friends! Joining in on the conversation and having fun with other people who love movies and TV shows is a fantastic idea. Are you prepared to face the challenge and show off your movie and actor knowledge? Come play Actorle with us and have a great time trying to identify the day's featured actor!

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